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Spring begins with warmth melting the snow.
Summer budding leaves for the blossom of fresh flowers to ripening fruits.
Autumn breathtaking fall period reminds all the nature to prepare for next.
Winter brings powder snow to paint the whole area white.

Seasonality of Yotei.
Every aspects and inside has meaning.
Not to misjudge, Not to misheard.

Like DASHI for basics in Culinary world.
Not to rush, carefully focused.
Extract its possibility to the best.
Brush up even further to higher place yet to be seen.

Niseko in Hokkaido.
Pristine Nature Value that breath on this land.
Expand and spread to National and
Global scale or More.
One and Only.


Natural mineral Water from Mount Yotei is smooth touch that delivers the softest of water to the pallet.
No heat sterilization brings flavor characteristics that fill up the whole body for its clarity and gentle flow.
The source of product comes from Hospitality with the heart and determination to offer the best of local produces for everyone visiting Japan.
Hokkaido’s dining scene now have the natural sprint water that has been protected by the people over the generation since the beginning era of Hokkaido development.

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